Mari in Worcester Center for Crafts show

by Mari on October 11th, 2014

On Thursday, August 7, The Worcester Center for Crafts will launch a unique exhibit that will take viewers on an artistic journey through a world of storytelling. Titled “Ambient Folklore,” the exhibit will provide visual narratives of nine artists, available for exploration and explication by viewers.

“The word ambient talks about something relating to the immediate surrounding of something else,” says Honee Hess, executive director for the Worcester Center for Crafts. "Ambient Folklore is sort of: What are the ideas that are surrounding us that we call from past folklore or that we are using in art to create new folklores? It's all about the things that are around us that are influencing how we make art and how we tell stories through art.”
Above: "Penny For A Rainy Day"  by  Mari Seder

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