Carnival! A Workshop in Assemblage, Painting, Photography and Paper Mache Sculptures
February 23rd – March 1st 2020

Leave winter behind and join our exciting class in culture rich Oaxaca. Students can focus on painting, collage, making shadow boxes or paper maché sculpture and receive feedback on their photography. Explore one medium, or a combination of them. This year, Mexican artist Yari Montes, will be offer sculpture instruction. Create small sculptures by constructing a simple wire structure with a form of your choice (animal, tree, plant people etc), create texture and surface through coating it with paper maché, and then paint or decorate them.
In addition to guided walks exploring the city, you’ll have a chance to see the work of other artists in galleries,, observe work in the homes of artisans.A highlight will be one artisan village’s celebration of carnival. There you’ll witness a mock wedding consisting of a bride and groom and attendants. However in this case, the bride is a man who is given the annual honor of dressing in a bridal gown, bejeweled and with make-up up, carrying a bouquet of flowers. Intermingled with the wedding party are the villagers costumed and masked.   Our classes take place in Humberto’s fascinating studio and cactus filled patio which is located in a colorful Oaxacan neighborhood near restaurants, hotels, galleries and markets. Each day will consist of field work, studio work and critiques. In the evening you can choose to work in the studio or enjoy sitting in the open air cafes surrounding the Zocalo (piazza) trying Oaxacan food and listening to the sounds of the marimba bands and singers.

The price is $1,650. This includes seven nights hotel accommodation (double-sized room with private bath--no extra charge for single occupancy, but a $100 reduction for double occupancy).