Experience this unique city with Mari as your guide

Why do we offer a Puebla extension
after our Carnival workshop?

Known as the ‘City of the Angels’, Puebla is one of Mexico’s oldest and most famous destinations. Founded in 1531, it is said that its location and name was given to its builder by angels who came to him in a dream. Charming, friendly and always popular with travelers, like Oaxaca it has deservedly been named a World Heritage Site.

With more than 5,000 buildings dating mostly from the 16th century, Puebla offers visitors to its churches, convents and squares an unique opportunity to revisit Mexico’s colonial past.

Talavera tiles are the most notable feature of the architecture and their extensive use on Puebla's baroque buildings is what makes it so unusual among Mexico’s colonial cities.

Five miles from Cholulu are two very unique churches. The interiors, built in the 17th century by Indians, are notable for their colorful gilted sculptures of Indians intertwined with fruits and flowers. It's a spectaclur fusion of the Prehispanic and Christian.

Puebla is also about shopping! The highlight is the talavera pottery, and Mari knows the best stores. But there are many other local crafts: Tree of Life figurines, bark paper paintings and unique onyx and marble sculptures... You can find these and much more at the traditional markets, the stalls that line Puebla's beautiful plazas, and at the Sunday flea and antique market.

The price of this optional extension is $750. This includes three nights accommodation in a four star hotel, transportation on comfortable luxury express buses from Oaxaca to Puebla, along with museum admissions, planned excursion and guide.

Minimum two people. Special arrangements for one.

Only four hours drive Puebla offers visitors a very different impression from Oaxaca. Mexico’s fifth largest city, it is cosmopolitan without being overwhelming, relaxed, accessible, and easily experienced in a few days. It also makes a convenient stop on your way back home with a luxury bus service that will take you directly to your terminal at Benito Juarez International airport in Mexico City in just two hours.

Pueblo is known throughout Mexico for its excellent cuisine, a blend of pre-Hispanic, Arabic, French and Spanish influences. Among the world-famous dishes are chilies en nogada (stuffed poblano chili peppers bathed in walnut sauce), and mole poblano (a regional mole dish). There are many good restaurants at very affordable prices, and we'll be visiting them!

Outside of Pueba is Cholula, a small village with the world's widest ancient pyramid, on top of which was built the charming church of La Iglesia de las Remidios. The pyramid is mostly hidden by vegetation, but at its base are excavations revealing its prehispanic origins.

Puebla is located near the snow capped volcanoes of Popocatepetl ( The setting for Malcom Lowry's "Under the Volcano") and la Malinche.

Our visits will include:

Antique market & Barrio del Artista
A vecindades -a small alleyway typical of Polbano living
Museo Amparo
Visit to La Reyna for Talavera workshop and Museum
Talavera galleries and shops
Chalula the widest pyramid
Tonantzintla’s Templo de Santa Maria
Templo San Francisco in Acatepec
La Purificado, Puebla's unique new hotel...

And excellent restaurants at affordable prices!visit La Reyna for Talavera workshop and museum and Chalula the widest Pyramid